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Although it lies just a few miles from Barcelona, Garraf is a land of matchless Mediterranean beauty. A parched-looking land that, paradoxically enough, is marked by the presence of water: the sea that has hewn its rugged coastline and the inland landscape that laps up the rainfall with eager thirst.

Sea and rocks, vines and castles, festivals and traditions, nature, flavours and much, much more …

Garraf attracts.

Garraf llum


Sometimes so warm, sometimes quite the contrary. It’s a proven fact that light is key to your state of mind. Luckily enough, here in the south, the days are long, even in wintertime. Your skin welcomes that warm caress, causing your sleepy spirit to make your mind wander, alighting your gaze on the thousand and one attractions surrounding you.

Nature: inland or offshore, everything is bathed in a unique light.
That is Garraf.

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Garraf trets


There are many reasons for us being this way. Our past, our circumstances and our specific environment all lie behind it. Whatever the reason, what’s really important is that we haven’t forget who we are: people of the coast, of the boundary twixt sea and hills, accustomed to hard work, to give and take: this making us ready and willing to seek opportunities for meeting and sharing what we have. And we have a lot to share.

We are what we are; and we seek to learn and show.

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Garraf sabors


A tough land tends to produce imaginative settlers. A sense of survival so ancestral that it has helped us to take full advantage of the fruits of both land and sea, ones that have also learned to adapt themselves to their surroun – dings, just like us humans. A culture of eating and drinking that is found here on every corner, one with a personality so strong, unique and varied that it is celebrated around the world.

Flavours that may be gentle and sweet; powerful, traditional or contemporary, but always amazing.

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Garraf llegats


By land or sea, a dazzling array of cultures have arrived, stayed and gone away, each leaving their mark. Upon the ruins of one, the next has sought to build its future, and every change, every crisis and every resurgence has strengthened our culture. Men and women, whether anonymously and quietly or exporting their spirit around the world, have made the personality of this land famous.

In every nook and cranny, Garraf conserves its identity.

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Garraf tresors


No, they’re not the product of our collective imagination: here, treasures really do exist.

Hidden or in plain view, there are still places where you can enjoy diffe – rent sensations. Places not known to all, where you can observe, learn and live at first hand the thrill of discovery. Here, the only question is to decide how and when to enjoy them.

Some are small and hard to see, even for those who live here, while others are on magnificent display, with a pride that has made them internationa – lly famous.

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